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yardbirds, yardbirds arklar, yardbirds ark szleri
1.a certain girl425
2.baby whats wrong811
3.boom boom1141
4.climbing through426
5.drinking muddy water533
6.dust my blues476
7.ever since the world began497
8.evil hearted you488
10.five long years442
11.for your love463
12.good morning little schoolgirl565
13.goodnight sweet josephine529
14.ha ha said the clown412
15.happenings ten years time ago457
16.heart full of soul756
17.hes always there526
18.honey in your hips484
19.i aint done wrong522
20.i aint got you695
21.i cant make your way802
22.i remember the night476
23.i wish you would460
24.im a man576
25.im not talking696
26.little games467
27.little soldier boy574
28.lost women623
30.love me like i love you1158
32.my girl sloopy502
33.new york city blues404
34.no excess baggage504
35.only the black rose527
36.over under sideways down532
38.pretty girl460
39.psycho daisies504
40.putty in your hands489
42.rack my mind486
43.scratch my back665
44.shapes of things440
45.smile on me439
46.someone to love453
47.spanish blood459
48.still im sad574
49.stroll on456
50.talking about you459
51.ten little indians1389
52.the nazz are blue452
53.the sun is shining789
54.think about it448
55.turn into earth695
56.youre a better man than i520
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