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cruel ark sz

oh yeah

born no longer a baby
always trying to keep
in one place for long, oh long enough to sleep
oh sleep and dreams are here the same
gonen got no rest
theyll no longer speak to you. moving on again

im moving on... moving on again
well im moving...moving on again
baby youre so cruel

youre cruel to yourself you never understand
boyl never do ya no harm
for you to build the frame of the bed you sleep upon
so spill your milk and honey
and get your kicks off your next man
bigger than you think and you make him go, go on

oh you make him...moving on again
oh hes movinig on...moving on again
baby youre so cruel

thought about the dream is so real now
these are dreams of mine youre so aimless...so aimless
you baby, youre so cruel

wonder what youre gonna think of yourself
when the phone calls fade away
as you hold his shoulders, did you think it would come to this day
ask yourself why hes off
when others surround you
he was one of many on the day that he found you

oh youre moving...moving on again
yeah youre moving...moving on again
yeah youre moving...moving on again

baby youre so cruel


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