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thunder & lightning ark sz

"not havin it"
"my lightning my thunder"
it does not end
"not havin it" "my lightning my thunder"
"not hav--"

xzibit (lightning) defari (come on) "not havin it"
"my lightning my thunder" "not havin it" "my lightning my thunder"

look what the wind blew in, a wild west storm
in the form of thunder and lightning
xzibit be the thunder, defari be the lightning
crack a sharks teeth when he be bitin
these fakers cant stand it to sell they bandit
wit silver-tipped lyrics i shoot across the holy planet
your favorites janet, im bangin hits thats hard like granite
surprising these critics cuz thats the way i planned it
your brain i scanned it, and analyzed your weakness
youre not creative, niggas like you we call leeches (say what)
(that brother teaches, yep) dont make no big deal of it
i just knows i dont half-step
the after high noon moonshine saloon
thats where you find a table reserved for x and herut
>from alaska to the mellanys
dont give a fuck where you look, they feelin likwit emcees

chorus [tash]
"not havin it"
xzibits da thunder, defaris da lightning (4x)

yall niggas speakin out of anger and ignorance
but xzibit got the diligence
defari sparkin joints in the ligiments
kill-afornia b-boys who search and destroy missions
bring the heat to raise the temperature in hells kitchen
dont get too relaxed and find yourself missin, listen
shot caller from a whole new position, relieve the tension
break bread wit my brothers
all the bitches we fuck be hangin out wit one another
and associate my good times wit hennesy straight
can you relate, or is your heart filled wit hate?
we makin history, get your cameras and roll the tape
document the moves yall niggas refuse to make
how many fools do it take for me to shut down
to realize likwit niggas aint fuckin around
feel the shakin underground sound will never provoke
we automatically swing hard and aim for the throat, mothafuckers

chorus 4x

the ice age couldnt stop me from writin a page
of lyrical rage to be taken out on stage
then my frustrations slice emcess wit vocal blades
no dough, no show, no doubt gots to get paid
you listen to the horses -horse sounds-
it make these wack emcees wanna quit and go take college courses
and get a higher sense of learning
clappin off?vermin?, bust his spine and be the iodine thats burnin

put your gun down boy, you get beat like your father did
debo style, snap your limbs like a crocodile
nasty, wicked, and wild and ready for the confrontation
you tryin to deliver but runnin into complications
of course, the work horse, the main source
either come in quietly or be taken by force
40 dayz & 40 nightz brought the thunder & lightning
lets both burn sudden and have a clash of the titans

chorus 4x


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