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never lose touch ark sz

ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together,
and help me welcome to the stage
all the way live from los angeles, california.. defari!

verse 1:
never lose touch never lose sight
never lose sight of my moms who gave me the birth right
i fight for righteousness thats what i feel in my heart
you wickedness you infidel you was weak from the start
and i part your brain like moses parted the sea
come walk with me
my debut album its all prophecy
no predictions in my knack cant mock me
got to hear this at least two times then you can copy
and by then i move on to new dimension
defari stack your advance plus prepare pension
find my nitch dont glitch for the popular
this beat is ill it give me that paparazzi feel that opera
classical beatdown verbally
like ultramagnetic i make sure that you heard of me
the record spins at 33 and a third r.p.m.s
the shinin star win and drop another gem

never lose touch never lose sight
never lose sight of my moms who gave me the birth right
i never lose touch never lose sight
never lose sight of my will to ill and get the crowd hype

verse 2:
murderous beady snares and bass kicks
evidence we from the mental we keeps it basic
complex with simplisity to the utmost
these comedians on the mic yo yo i think they better let it go
cause this flow is strictly ammo
microphones are not for these niggas who dont have no
yet in still they insist they only do if for fun
fuck that
feel the gun from my burning tongue
lightening bolts from my throat
electrify through these jokes i burn holes
and tare frames shread all papers with birth names
wack mcs cant exists no way up in the pro game
not me man
caliber that a scavenger couldnt even bite
with food, water and adequate light
a piece of paper to write, a pen
and right when he begin
defari comes smashing in


verse 3:
everyday is a regiment on a quest to blow settlements
false prophets come to my door selling false testaments
i get calls on the phone "no hes not home"
collectors and soliciters please leave me the fuck alone
yo i come in this country you always owe that
two steps forward three steps backward type flow
thats got to go
defari got a hot show
trademark of my crew
live liquid pro
special mc will ability
beyond what the eye can see heru spiritually
pure divinity
manifest physically
rain lyrics cause its cloudy and windy nothing prevent me
>from banging heads in canada, philly
la, new york, out to italy
my peoples feelin me thats what counts the most
we keep it tight and do it right
we come up and then we toast


"lyrics are gold plus steel for the raw deal" - defari big up


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