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lowlands anthem pt ark sz

the burning sands of the lowlands
"the l dot a dot"
-tash of tha alkaholiks "hip hop drunkies"
yo you dont know man?
"the l dot a dot"
yo you dont know man? (x2)

verse 1:
give thanks thats what i say when i wake
another day in l.a. feel the sun bake
i holla at scott he knows about the spot
at the beach dockweiler nigga straight box
i call up swift let him know about the shit
call up will
he got the henessy on chill
im with doncril he on deck with santrel
rollin bleezy like terry mcmillian wait to exhale
my nigga will stay off stocka
some city got hot bitches but on crenshaw its hotta
>from bad ass bitches to cold ass impalas
vasea special with two glasses for twenty dollars
its hella hot we pull up to dockweiler
the scene is so lovely it makes me wanna holla

the burning sands of the lowlands
where sisters is bad man
and brothers fear no man
yo you dont know man? (x2)

verse 2:
summertime 7:30 time for sunsets
sometimes i go and park with my queen and get lit
watch the sun cascade over the ocean
thoughts about how the likwit gonna put it all in motion
sometimes i sit and watch and see dolphins
defari alumni
from pac 10 like kenny lofton
never soft stay healthy avoid coughs
in l.a. we buy houses fuck apartments and lofts
yo my cold flow straight wild west professional
california green from the trees down to the vegetables
wack mcs are also edible
after six figures where im trying to see my decimal
pointland, cash in hand
im on my way to see phil in the cressant heights lowland

hook (x4)

verse 3:
flex the skills see this broad with a baby strill
ass poppin out no doubt man i gots to kill
like grant hill i play with cool moves
see niggas out here we aint loud we straight smooth
and dont mistakes fool for being chump
cause l.a. is the wrong place if you think niggas wont thump
in a flash
sunshine, cars, bitches and cash
six foot rippers, chron blends with hash
we classic like that t.v. show m.a.s.h.
with bitches way badder than that broad stacey dash
no jokin thats word to brother deep dish spokin
down the boulevard pint in hand straight smokin
no chokin, and no its not brown thats word to oakland
one time sees us stoppin for bitches and keeps rollin



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