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bionic ark sz

"lock shit down"- raekwon

verse 1:
six million is what it cost them
to put back together that cat steve austin
now defari gets bionic
over 6 million tracks with 10 million topics
im fiber optic crystal clear with my projection
wack mcs get cloths lined when they walk across my intersection
they need protection
some guidance some right direction
a job center with with an application for a new profession
never settle for nothing less
i blaze contests
and set shops for pay days
in strange ways life twists and turn
word to gangstarr in this business skrilla hard to earn
i format attack new knack technique
speak with a passion on wax and tape and cd
mad niggas front for paper
and switch like a bitch in and out like a cross fader
all i know is how to rock shit
they say the hotter the mc the hotter the spot get
"lock shit down"

its the coming
of the bionic
defari here to
"lock shit down" (x3)

verse 2:
see i got books of lyrics on deck like tash
pocket full of cash ready to bounce rollin slash
seater and hash
pro tour in the masters
grab the mic flex my wrists and hit like sampres
handle this
make you believe like an evangelist (what?)
that real mcs are coming to reclaim los angeles
and heres are standing chance
to finally get my time to shine
in the golden state like sprewell out the hatch
"lock lock"
this heat is hot it make me lock like astronaut
like heru said that shit for my people when we blow spots
my steez rolls like es, v12s, trees and seven seas
if you didnt know champ
defari heru is a lowland brother
from the likwit camp


verse 3:
wack mcs get damaged like civil eyes to savage
sharp lyrics cut deep wounds these niggas need bandages
they cant handle this los angeles
relentless pressure
full court measure for measure
im like piteno a game plan gambino
where every verse starts with defense first like a casino
every minute every hour i use brain power
for mr. space shuttle challenger i devour
a tower like eiffel
bust off verses like rifles
bust all bullets through flesh unless youre wearing a vest
and even then i still enter
the human form of a splinter
the summer fall spring winter
"lock lock"
likwit crew member
champion contender
holy like the month of december
the raw prototype member



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