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gorgeous ark sz

testostarone in large amounts
your little sister just kick out of
god you cant shave your head
come to the show
the boys rock harder
your mother lent you her slip
she lent you her bright red lipstick
and your shoes are hurting your back
but boy dont you look gorgeaus

you look gorgeous
you look gorgeous
you look gorgeous
how you look gorgeous

this is but an observation
you put a bullet in your foot
you make it hard for us bitches inconsequential in your back bends
and your taste in men leaves something to de desired
you love them to be aloof and self obsessed
they love you in your mini dress

you are looking gorgeous
youre looking gorgeous
youre looking gorgeous
how you look gorgeous

when your voice is raised above a certain level
im afraid you must go to the ladies room
i left your competence in curlers

you look gorgeous
you look gorgeous
youre looking gorgeous
how you look gorgeous


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