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seagulls the macroprosopus ark sz

let us pretend love for the day.
the life we live alludes to things away
suppose in youth the soul depraves
but now suppose the truths beyond the grave.

so all and all
we laugh the same tears
of how we met upon the river thames pier
two hearts of gold
just for the while.
two bards who stroll
the endless mile

to tame the world again,
let us keep resisting the end.
defame your world pretend,
let us keep existing.

so i look up at night
and ponder the sky
as i realize the sign
where the two points collide
lead me safe towards the light
as the heavens decline
space fold the time
now let the planets aline

come dear, its safe,
were passed the plane
so now this sort of lift
the chance to change

remember when we sailed along the nile
back then youd turn your head
give me that smile
but through the system flew the trine
and now, at last, the nethers made you mine

only all because you stayed here.
till pachysandra thins away
end summer winds the leavesll change
will grow potatoes, pass the days
and if you fell precocious lead the way

up and lift.......
sink the same
start to sift......
sift through the shame
as i realize the gift.......
feel the rays
as i start to drift.......
drift away

only all because we fade here
when all the notes we passed you saved
all juxtaposed and rearranged
in through the night time out the day

but now the time forever, turn the page

to tame the world again
let us keep resisting the end.
defame the world, pretend,
let us keep existing.

to tame the world again
let us keep resisting the end.
to shame the world, pretend,
let us keep existing.



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