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lake waramaug ark sz

laid awake throughout the night
today the schools so loud
and now its all so quiet
i plan to pack light
cause tomorrow well fly
taking off to a place
a land thats not so far away

the boat above our heads for the walk to the shore
as feelings of dread soak the length of the oar
connecticut hillsides surround the clouds soar
dazed to the signs
i think back to times when gender crossed me

miss all those christmasses
and the once careless autumns

though theres space betwixt us which
dissolves here round when the fog clears

as we crept through the race
old friends would line the banks
cheering on as they played
screaming all the lovely names
then theyd start to file away
come dust the time to rage

the boat above our heads for the walk to the van
as luncheon awaits us while all the girls tan
and social engagements commence by the sand
now our day is complete
we faced defeat, but felt the cool breeze

follow our dreams
and hold the lake in such dear regards
against the best we thrusted
but the justice came when the bow touched


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