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just like heaven ark sz

show me - show me - show me how you do that trick
the one that makes me scream" she said
"the one that makes me laugh" she said
and threw her arms around my neck
"show me how you do it and i promise you
i promise that ill run away with you
ill run away with you"
spinning on that dizzy edge
i kissed her face and kissed her head
and dreamed of all the different ways i had
to make her glow
"why are you so far away?" she said
"why wont you ever know that im in love with you?
that im in love with you?"
you........soft and only : you.....lost and lonely
you........strange as angels
dancing in the deepest oceans
twisting in the water.....youre just like a dream
daylight licked me into shape
i must have been asleep for days
and moving lips to breathe her name
i opened up my eyes
and found myself alone
alone......alone above a raging sea
that stole the only girl i loved
and drowned her deep inside of me
you.......soft and only : you........lost and lonely you....just like heaven.........{cure cover}


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