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flowing glower ark sz

now you know
places where i live
when i couldnt grow
downward youll soon drift
on the sailless boat
nothing left to give
all i see is throat

flowing glower
witless knower
seedless sower

if its all a lie
will you realise?

right before we die
my soul leads to the wrong
changeling of the night
now that i bleed a song
purely based on fright
sad with my face so long
i have this new sight

flowing glower
witless knower
five steps lower

if i tell a lie
will you realise?

numb the pain
way high and real low
now it feels the same
have love or feel so
hollowed out with shame
hoping to see the day
with my brand new name

flowing glower
seedless sower
im bipolar

if i die tonight
will you be alright?

then in time youll find
thirst becomes boring
quest your heart and mind
now that were soaring
over space and time
done with exploring
all you are is mine

flowing glower
ruthless flower
breathless blower

if its all a lie
will you realise?

seek and you shall find
everything inside
read between the lines
ill show you the light
here in the afterlife


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