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anti-pop ark sz

i reach between the mind and burn
youve got a lot to learn
you believe everything you hear
you guys believe everything you hear

i try to tell you something new
but you dont wanna listen to it
do anything i gotta do
youre not just the way to be

everytime i see that little face
i know that youre going no place
and now you want to learn why
you hear the lies between the groove
now we want to show you something new
but we dont waste our time either
just give it just a listen to
wake up your mind

you wanna be someone
right here in the usa
went out and bought a gun
and blow the world away
youve got the situation
you dont know what to do
you wanna start again
but who do you listen to

if you want to be someone
right here in the usa
went out and bought a gun
blow the world away
you want to see the things
believe your mind says
its our right to die
with nothing in the way


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