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when ya get drafted ark sz

are you believing the morning papers?
war is coming back in style
theres generals here, advisors there
and russians nibbling everywhere
the chessboards filling up with red
we make more profits when we blow off their heads

economy is looking bad
lets start another war /when ya get drafted
fan the fires of racist hatred
we want total war /when ya get drafted

drooling fingers
panic buttons
playing with missiles like theyre toys
theres easy money, easy jobs
especially when you build the bombs
that blow big cities off the map
just guess who profits /when we build em back up
yeah, what big business wants big business gets

it wants a war /when ya get drafted
trilateral commission goonies laugh
and scheme for more /when ya get drafted
call the army!
call the navy!
stocked with kids from slums /when ya get drafted
if you cant afford a slick attorney
we might make you a spy

forget your demonstrations
kids today sit on their ass /when ya get drafted
just a six-pack
and youre happy
were prepared
for when ya get drafted


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