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weve got a bigger problem now ark sz
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weve got a bigger problem now ark sz

last call for alcohol. last call for your freedom of speech. drink up. happy hour is now enforced by law. dont forget our house special, its called a trickie dickie screwdriver. its got one part jack daniels, two parts purple kool-aid, and a jigger of formaldehyde from the jar with hitlers brain in it we got in the back storeroom. happy trails to you. happy trails to you.

i am emperor ronald reagan
born again with fascist cravings
still, you made me president

human rights will soon go way
i am now your shah today
now i command all of you
now youre going to pray in school
ill make sure theyre christian too

california über alles
über alles california

ku klux klan will control you
still you think its natural
nigger knockin for the master race
still you wear the happy face

you closed your eyes, cant happen here
alexander haig is near
vietnam wont come back you say
join the army or you will pay

california über alles
über alles california

yeah, thats it. just relax. have another drink, few more pretzels, little more msg. turn on those dallas cowboys on your tv. lock your doors. close your mind. its time for the two-minute warning.

welcome to 1984
are you ready for the third world war?!?
you too will meet the secret police
theyll draft you and theyll jail your niece

youll go quitely to boot camp
theyll shoot you dead, make you a man
dont you worry, its for a cause
feeding global corporations claws

die on our brand new poison gas
el salvador or afghanistan
making money for president reagan
and all the friends of president reagan

california über alles
über alles california


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