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viva las vegas ark sz

twilight city gonna set my soul
its gonna set my soul on fire
got a whole lot of money thats ready to burn
so get those stakes up high

theres a thousand pretty women waiting out there
theyre all waiting, theyll never make air
and im just the devil with a lung to spare, so

viva las vegas
viva las vegas
viva las vegas

how i wish that there were more
than the 24 hours in the day
even if i ran out of speed, boy
i wouldnt sleep a minute of the way

oh that blackjack and poker and the roulette wheel
ill poach your money lost on every deal
all you need is sonar and nerves of steel, so

viva las vegas
viva las vegas
viva las vegas

viva las vegas
where the neon signs flash your name
the one-arm bandits cash in
all soaps down the drain
viva las vegas
turning day into nighttime
turning night into daytime
if you see it once
youll never be the same again

gotta keep on running
gonna have me some money
if it costs me my very last dime
if i wind up broke
then ill always remember that
i had a swingin time

oh, im gonna give it everything ive got
lady lucks with me, the dice stay hot
got coke up my nose to dry away the snot, so

viva las vegas
viva las vegas
viva las vegas
viva, viva las vegas


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