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triumph of the swill ark sz

life can only get better
all you need to do is fall in love
everyone else has fun but you
buy that fun youll fit in too

dance your problems away
government music
cheap escape to that mind-control beat
government music
mellow outlifes too hard
you dont even want to think

see the macho cock-rock metal heroes
vomit fire out of their big mouths
shake your fists obediently
make leni riefenstahl real proud

see the aryan bozo with the red guitar
parachute on the white house lawn
gonna bomb the commies with his air guitar
so dumb he cant drive 55

like bing crosby before them
government music
too idiotic to be real
government music
you want it loud?
well make sure it goes nowhere
so you wont get ideas

triumph of the swill
triumph of the swill
triumph of the swill
triumph of the swill

music is banned in khomeinis iran
on the grounds that it stimulates the brain
weve done him one better in the land of coke & honey
using music to put peoples brains to sleep

ever wonder why commercial radios so bad?
its cause someone upstairs wants it that way
if the doors or john lennon were getting started now
the industry wouldnt sign em in a million years

so what do we get
government music
christian censorship and taxed blank tapes
shoppers strung out on our false hopes
will flock to obey

triumph of the swill
triumph of the swill
triumph of the swill
triumph of the swill


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