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shrink ark sz

if only people could shrink
our world wouldnt be so overcrowded
bring ourselves down to size
thered be so much more food to go round

why dont we build a machine
with all the know-how of the industries
we put a man on the moon
on earth well need more room to breathe real soon

drink your vaccine and lets shrink
and bring your poodle so it doesnt eat us
the roads will be so wide
no traffic jams when were half a foot tall
bring what you need down here
well shrink it all by microwave
dont wanna die like dinosaurs
well have enough resources to go round


so now youve made the big shrink
meanwhile well keep acting big
we well-bred beautiful people
who says we have to go too?
cops and mason businessmen
were exempted from the ovens
as if you werent already.
the rest of you are all our termites now



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