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police truck ark sz

tonights the night that we got the truck
were goin downtown gonna beat up drunks
your turn to drive ill bring the beer
its the late, late shift no one to fear
and ride, ride how we ride
we ride, lowride

its roundup time where the good whores meet
gonna drag one screaming off the street

and ride, ride how we ride

got a black uniform and a silver badge
playin cops for real/playin cops for pay

lets ride, lowride

pull down your dress heres a kick in the ass
lets beat you blue til you shit in your pants
dont move, child got a big black stick
theres six of us babe, so suck on my dick

and ride, ride how we ride
lets ride, lowride

the left newspapers might whine a bit
but the guys at the station they dont give a shit
dispatch calls "are you doin something wicked?"
"no siree, jack, were just givin tickets"

as we ride, ride, how we ride
lets ride, lowride


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