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life sentence ark sz

you used to be a partner in crime
now you say you aint got the time

gotta get serious, gotta plan
gotta pass those entrance exams
oh my god
its senior year
all you care about is your career

its a life sentence
its a life sentence
its a life sentence
its a life sentence

youre squelching your emotions
all you talk about is old times
you dont do what you want to
but you do the same thing everyday

no sense of humor
but such good manners
now youre an adult
youre boring


the walls are closing in
you stayed too long in school
id rather stay a child
and keep my self-respect
if being an adult
means being like you

are you really you you you
you you you you you you
are you really you?

youre a chained-up dog fenced in a yard
dont see much, you cant go far
pace and froth, youre getting sick
run too fast and itll snap your neck

you say youll break out
but you never do
youre just another ant in the hill
thats your life sentence


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