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i kill children ark sz

i kill children
i love to see them die
i kill children
and make their mamas cry
crush em under my car
i wanna hear them scream
feed em poison candy
to spoil their halloween

so yourre in the kids ward
youre in there cos youre ill
how about some pavulon
so i can see you chill

time to hit the scool bus
i think ill shoot the tires
offer them a helping hand
of open telephone wires

ever wanted to die?
of course you have
but i wont till i get my revenge
i dont wanna see people any more

things i never ever saw before
make me see them for the shit they are
take as many as i can away with me
anyone can be king for a day

so i kill children
i love to see them die
i kill children
and make their mamas cry
i bang their heads in doors
i kill children
can hardly wait for yours.


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