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hop with the jet set ark sz

i say, come on!
to pleasures unknown
where we fly to when we are all bored
cmon for the ride
and hop with the jet set tonight

well sun ourselves red down in montego bay
hotel-hired guards keep the natives away

we wanna save the whales
well go watch them feed,
buzz around them in boats
til they wont breed
just here for the ride
then we hop with the jet set tonight

check out them indians ancestral art
some of that would look cute up on our walls
yeah, suit it just fine
when you hop with the jet set tonight

well hire out some poachers to go steel their dolls
who cares if theyre sacredthey look awful cute

national geographic found a stone age tribe
lets feed them their first hot dogs on film
wont that be a prize
to show the jet set tonight

"arent they cute, arent they pure"
muse subscribers back home
next weekend the junta exterminates them

back home by the sea at our outdoor cafe
our chameleon tongues catch the flies in the air


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