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drug me ark sz

i dont want to think
dont make me care
i wanna melt in with the group
i need the balls
to leap out of my shell
and let go with my friends

cant come up with anything i want to do
i need a project i can finish
my brain needs some stimulation
drug me drug me drug me drug me drug me

im so fucking tired
i gotta stay awake
im runnin late
i gotta make it thru the day
and make my time go by

tv and the stereo and girls are lots of fun
i want the max
i relate better loaded
gotta see that movie stoned

drug me drug me drug me drug me
drug me with natural vitamin c
drug me with pharmaceutical speed
drug me with your sleeping pills
drug me with your crossword puzzles
drug me with your magazines
drug me with your fuck machines
with a fountain of fads
more rock and roll ads
drug me drug me drug me me me

finally off of work
unwind and watch the ball game at the bar
another potato chip weekend
is here at last

go away go away go away go away go away
leave me alone
so i cant see myself
drug me drug me drug me


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