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dear abby ark sz

dear abby,

got a problem. im a decent, underpaid, hardworking county coroner. its
important that my family eat meat at least three times a week. but we just cant
afford to with the prices the way they are. so i bring home some choice cuts from my
autopsy subjects. just mix in the tuna helperand ta-da!

the whole family thinks my new meals are delicious. they ask me whats
my secret. abby, i think theyre getting suspicious. my smart-ass 8-year-old keeps
asking, "wheres all the meat? the red dye #2 kind thats kept in the fridge."

if they find out the truth i dont think theyll understand. abby, what do i tell
my family?
dear reaganomics victim: consult your clergyman. make sure the bodys
blessed and everything should be just fine.


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