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california über alles ark sz

i am governor jerry brown
my aura smiles
and never frowns
soon i will be president

carter power will soon go away
i will be fuhrer one day
i will command all of you
your kids will meditate in school

california über alles
über alles california

zen fascists will control you
100% natural
you will jog for the master race
and always wear the happy face

close your eyes, cant happen here
big bro on white horse is near
the hippies wont come back you say
mellow out or you will pay

california über alles
über alles california

now it is 1984
knock knock at your front door
its the suede/denim secret police
they have come for your uncool neice

come quitely to the camp
youd look nice as a drawstring lamp
dont you worry, its only a shower
for your clothes heres a pretty flower

die on organic poison gas
serpents eggs already hatched
you will crack, you little clown
when you mess with president brown

california über alles
über alles california


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