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buzzbomb ark sz

buzzbomb buzzbomb
the roads my slave
thats how i feel

i cruise alone
i cruise real far
i dont love you
i love my car

cross nevada
at 110
highway 50
and theres nobody there
sign says, "next sign 30 miles"

i work all week, each penny saved
buys more escape from home
id rather cruise around all day
than save up for a move

plow thru rest area san-o-lets
splat! goes the lonely salesman
wanking in the mens room

buzzbomb buzzbomb
tape up loud
blue piss clinging to my windshield
faster faster in my car

buzzbomb is my pride and joy
king of the trailer court
waiting for the perfect chick
wholl love me for my car

i tell her why im cool
she coos back just what i like
when i pretend shes near

zip through ely
where pat nixon was born
the cops round here sure looking bored
flashing sirensstate patrol

theyre scratching up my gorgeous paint job
shooting out my tires
aint no way to go to heaven
buzzbomb cornered at the 7-11


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