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bleed for me ark sz

youve been hanging round
with an enemy of the state
come with me to the building
that no-one stops to watch

cmon bleed
cmon bleed
cmon bleed
bleed for me

well strap you to a pipe
electrodes on your balls
cmon scream
cmon writhe
face down in a pool of piss


in the name of world peace
in the name of world profits
america pumps up our secret police
america wants fuel
to get it, it needs puppets
so whats ten million dead?
if its keeping out the russians

were well trained by the cia
with yankee tax money in ft. bragg
the peace corps builds us labor camps
when they think theyre building schools

ha ha

when cowboy ronnie comes to town
forks out his tongue at human rights
sit down, enjoy our ethnic meal
dine on some charbroiled nuns
try a medal on
smile at the mirror as the cameras click
and make big business happy

maybe youll just disappear



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