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a commercial ark sz

have we got a telethon for you coming soon on mtv! a rockin bankroll
extravaganza featuring all your vigilante rock stars! sammy
hagarsylvester stalloneclint eastwood. its so important weve even
exhumed the bodies of lynyrd skynyrd! this aint no sissy concert to raise
food for the needy; this concerts whipped up the american way to raise
money for guns for the greedy! so stay tuned and dig in those heels
forusa for south africa!

its usa for south africa cause those poor, sex-starved riot battalions
need more machine guns, more tear gas, more nerve gas, more electric
fences for those prison camps they call "homelands." and whos going to
give it to them? we are! every one of us! everytime we go to the bank.
everytime we buy food at theftway. or those fancy chrome wheels for your
hot car. its usa for south africa!

dont delay! apartheid is a big business! what would these american ladies
do without those diamonds? you heard the white housedont miss it! have
youre rich parents money ready, world hungers gone forever once your
checks in the mail when mtv and the rock and racism connection bring you
live, from sun city, usa for south africa!


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