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ullyses ark sz

john francis dooley
wipe the sleep from your eyes
and embrace the light.
you have slept now
for a thousand years
beneath starless nights.
and now its time for you
to renounce the old ways
and see a new dawn rise.
in former days
the masks were raised
when the god came down
from off the mountain,
and a sacrifice was made
for they knew the day of wrath
was fast apporaching.
just like yesterday, before the war
john francis dooley
the scapegoat has run
all our sins are disowned,
and now its time for you
to take off thy mask
and cross the rubicon.
if you and i were one
within the eyes of our designs
it would still not change
the fact of our leaving.
for tonight we must leave
with the first gentle breeze
for the isles of ken we are assailing
just like ullyses, on an open sea.
on an oddysey of self discovery.


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