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words from the chief rocker ark sz

[busy bee]
thats right, im dancin yall
im gon keep on dancin into the new millenium
ya understand what im sayin?
hey de la soul, beastie boys
i love the way yall doin this baby
yall just gotta keep kickin it
because the kids dont know, the other people dont know
but they all gon know now because me
the chief rocker busy bee gon just keep kickin flava babyyy!
ah like this

just dance, and dont quit
cause the music is gonna be the shit
i just dance, and dont quit
cause the music is gonna be the shit
and now once upon a time in the place to be
they was standin in line to see the busy bee
when i pulled up to the curb in my ninety-eight
i rushed inside so i wont be late
you know the party was packed, where you couldnt even move
and busy bee rocked, to the funky funky grooves
to the beat that makes you want to freak
ah to the beat that gets rump out your seat
ah to the beat that makes you say
busy bee, busy bee is in the house, ha hah!!

i like the way this is goin down man
ahh this is just too much
we just gotta keep doin this
because this is how we do it
no static, no automatics
this is just how we just gon keep kickin this flavor baby..


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