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who do u worship ark sz

ronald chevalier: aha! what a beautiful day in the concrete jungle.
i think ill go down to goliath and just be a fuckin dickhead!

damn, i feel good today. im looking forward to going and just beating
shit out of someone and taking their money. what a fucking great job i

i wonder why i feel so good. could it be the music?
could it be my breakfast? or could it just be the fact that
i just hate everybody, dammit!
life is grand, life is great, ill get myself a real cheap date.
some woman i can take to mcdonalds, spend a dollar twenty-five on,
and have like, the best time of your life with afterwards.
life is too good to believe sometimes.
but we all cant have it the way i do, so to all you suckers out
kiss off. all right? bye bye!


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