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plug one, plug two, plug one, plug two
plug one, plug two, plug one

tell me whats more essential
rap lines, party past nine,
or reading which is fundamental
tell me whats more pollution
black fog, burning log
or infested prostitution
tell me whats more appealing
fast food job, corn on the cob
or interstate drug dealing
tell me whats more tantalising
flip flop, skeezer lies and props
or three feet high and rising
tell me, whats more?

tell me whats more demanding
a dominant race, a fad called base
or peace and understanding
tell me whats more neglected
teaching our seeds the fact theres greed
or words being said in a record
tell me whats more pathetic
a lallygag lush, a habit to cuss
or a lawsuit filed on a medic
tell me whats more amusing
comic strip, or break that hip
or what prince pauls producing
tell me, whats more?

tell me whats more old-fashioned
lemonade, a black mans fade
or a kiss thats soaked in passion

tell me whats more secretive
love looks, a diary book
or the de la style us speakers give

tell me whats more off-tempo
wearing pink, a fizzy lipton drink
or a brother with acne and dimples

tell me whats more confusing
a rubiks cube, a dusted dude
or a figure in which one is choosing
tell me, whats more?

yo pos and dove, stand clear to be plugged up...
ah the hell with that, i dont have time for playin
with this, just tell me whats going on, i wanna know
whats going on, go ahead, pos and dove, tell me whats
going on, i just wanna know whats happening man, tell me
whats going on, id just like to say whats up to the
jungle brothers, id like to say whats up to the quest,
id like to say whats up to monie, id like to say whats
up to latifah, mike g in the house, prince paul, whats up
man, this is p.a. mase and id like to say, cool dj red alert!
whats up, man? all right okay, we outta here, peace yall!


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