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u dont wanna bds ark sz


[freddie foxxx]
ha! check it out!
its bumpy knuckles baby, also known as freddie foxxx
thats right, and i came to check my niggaz de la soul
see yall niggaz dont really wanna bust dat shit huh
yaknahmsayin? so ima show you niggaz
the super-laser-gamma-ultra-killa-nigga special
you niggaz aint no killers
you motherfuckers aint gonna hurt nobody nigga
you better keep rhymin nigga
fore i smack the shit outta you you little fuckin sissy
you niggaz aint real; thats right
its de la soul baby, and bumpy motherfuckin knuckles baby
alright, cmon on!

[maseo (?)]
check my stats, entire - apparat
even from the days when i had to roll strapped
wonderin if i gotta go back to that
zest to rub records from rap and kick facts
to tracks and stack, one (?) got kayed
yeah some got paid, some waved in the fades
fact of the matter my style will never fade
managin to keep it all a-grade
so you can stay nourish and flourish with the truth
(??) (??) some niggaz i know
if i need a mayday
bust some fuckin niggaz tryin to play me cra-zay
causin interruptions to my big pay-day
playin with them guns make them fuckin lea-ry
but if its clear-ly
merely and surely and, how its gotta be
i got some thorough niggaz thats ridin me
so witcha bullshit im not buyin it b
dont come around thinkin you can try it with me
cause uhh..

chorus: repeat 2x

you dont wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh)
you dont wanna bust dat shit (no no)
you dont wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh)
you dont wanna bust dat shit (no no!)
you dont wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh!)
you dont wanna bust dat shit (no no!)
you dont wanna bust dat shit (uh-uhh!)
you dont wanna bust dat shit!!

[maseo (?)]
shick shick, clik-a-clik
this is where my people headin at
innocent people are carryin gats
now what the fuck is all that?
is it cause times is live like a wire
gettin shock treated by the crossfire
ha-siyahh, burn bare well prepared
to make my decision for my livin
i aint the one +robin+ im the one +given+
hip-hop driven, and willin to die for it
when scott larock died man i cried and shit
then some cats got rich callin a woman a bitch
but aint no woman like the one i got
and if you call her a bitch well you might get (-blam-)
and i know the feelings is mutual
its uncivilized and unsuitable
crips and bloods are recruitable


[freddie foxxx]
ha ha, yeah you get the motherfuckin point, huh?
you niggaz get the motherfuckin point, huh?
thats right so while you niggaz is sittin up in central booking
crying like bitches, huh?
im in the motherfuckin holdin block
waitin for your sweet pussy punk ass
and ima whoop the shit out of you
for gettin on a fuckin record, actin like you a fuckin killer
ima show you niggaz what a motherfuckin killers all about, huh?
you niggaz aint no motherfucking gangsters
you dont wanna bust that motherfuckin shit punk
ill punch your whole chest cavity out faggot
you aint no real nigga, nigga
ill smack the shit out of you
cause you aint a fuckin live nigga
you sittin in central booking, cryin like a bitch
waitin for your father, to come bail you out
and freddie foxxx dont play that shit nigga
thats right, bumpy knuckles motherfucker
and if you dont know, now you motherfuckin know
and yo de la, check it out - its your motherfuckin man
and if any one of them niggaz get sidewindin with you nigga
let me know, and i will send them niggaz hot ones
like im a motherfuckin mexican - feel me on that one huh?
cause them niggaz know me nigga
believe me nigga they know me
the motherfuckin troublemaker, thats right
and de la soul, is rollin with bump knux nigga
so what?!?!! tell me, what?!?!?!


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