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u can do life ark sz

(ahhhh, ahhhh)
cmon, cmon, bounce - bounce
cmon.. bounce, rock, roll
(ahhhh, ahhhh)

chorus: {sung}

you can do, whatever you want
whatever you like
its your own life
so let me be, to do what i want
to do what i like
cause this is my life

its been about ten long years, my skin wreaks
flavors that your incense couldnt match
we burn slow like syphillis in your piss, accomodated
with the penicill-in, youre listenin, to
this "art official" will keep your shoes moonwalkin
soon to talk about, "pop music"
youll buy it cause you choose it
a lot of mcs is really s&mn
whips and chains, i maintain like a old jazz singer
elephants in any location
held back in rotation, an apple a day
only makes a nigga fruity
i eat responsibilities to carry out my duty
?? in the mds, i pull it out just to polish it
make notes if you earnin or wait your turnbuckle
i stick to gettin mines like stucco (ahhhh, ahhhh)


im that full-time rapper, the nicknames llama
part-time father if you ask my daughters mommas
missin in action cause the action got a fraction
of the world listenin to me
got em travellin overseas in lands constantly
got a sea of hands wavin, aint misbehavin
but a lot of kids cravin for somethin they aint got
like the keys to the ride and a pocket with a knot and its
holdin they ground til they rot in it
plottin it, lockin it down strong
cause its nuttin wrong gettin your bubblin on sticker
but too much bubblin can make you fizz quicker
so watch your stack, keep your fam intact
and pay attention to the now, im clearin the mess
while they stressin back in the day, im at the front of the night
with my crew shinin light on the (ahhhh, ahhhh)

chorus 2x

now we on top of this like a typical bed position
peepin your view, got your whole crew wishin and waitin
makin dollars out of ten dime pieces
who be sippin out the glass suckin on the lime pieces included
in my pieces i pen the good livin
and even when were stressin from in the hood livin
at least were livin and there aint no hell in that
give me a yell in that, and go (ahhhh, ahhhh)

i wanna see the world ten times over
dive off cliffs and land on oppotunities unthinkable
you sinkin straight to the bottom; while i float in parades
that st. patty couldnt put up
all my niggaz tryin to build, then throw your wood up
design life like pnb gears so stand clear for the blast off
last off my chest, peace to dav west
live your life to the fullest (ahhhh, ahhhh)


you can do.. what you want.. what you like
let me be.. what i want.. what i like


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