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the magic number ark sz

(got to have soul!)

thats the magic number
yes it is
its the magic number
somewhere in this hip-hop soul community
was born 3 mase, dove and me
and thats the magic number

(what does it all mean?)

difficult preaching is posdnuos pleasure
pleasure and preaching starts in the heart
something that stimulates the music in my measure
measure in my music, raised in three parts
casually see but dont do like the soul
cause seein and doin are actions for monkeys
doin hip hop hustle, no rock and roll
unless your names brewster, cause brewsters a punky
parents let go cause theres magic in the air
criticising rap shows youre out of order
stop look and listen to the phrasin fred astaires
and dont get offended while mase do-se-dos your daughter
a tri-camera rolls since our musics now set
fly rhymes are stored on a d.a.i.s.y. production
it stands for "da inner sound yall" and yall can bet
that the actions not a trick, but showing the function

everybody wants to be a deejay
everybody wants to be an emcee
but being speakers are the best
and you dont have to guess
de la soul posse consists of three
and thats the magic number

this here piece of the pie
is not dessert but the course that we dine
and three out of every darn time
the effect is "mmmm" when a daisy grows in your mind
showing true position, this here piece is
kissin the part of the pie thats missin
when that negative number fills up the casualty
maybe you can subtract it
you can call it your lucky partner
maybe you can call it your adjective
but odd as it may be
without my 1 and 2 where would there be
my 3
mase pos and me
and thats the magic number

focus is formed by flaunts to the soul
souls who flaunt styles gain praises by pounds
common are speakers who are never scrolls
scrolls written daily creates a new sound
listeners listen cause this here is wisdom
wisdom of a speaker, a dove and a plug
set aside a legal substance to feed em
for now get em high off this dialect drug
time is a factor so its time to count
count not the negative actions of one
speakers of soul say its time to shout
three forms the soul to a positive sum
dance to this fix and flex every muscle
space can be filled if you rise like my lumber
advance to the tune but dont do the hustle
shake, rattle, roll to my magic number

now you may try to subtract it
but it just wont go away
three times one?
(what is it?)
(one, two, three!)
and thats the magic number

(yo, whats up?)
(1, 2, 3)
(i say, children, what does it all mean?)
(woah-woah-wo, 1, 2, 3)
(i wouldnt lie to you)
(no more no less, thats the magic number)
(no more no less)
(what it is?)
(no more no less)
(is this the future?)
(no more no less)
(do the shang-a-lang)
(no more no less)
(no one on the subway ever chats to me)
(no more no less)
(anybody in the audience ever get hit by a car?)
(no more no less)
(how highs the water, mama?)
(no more no less)
(how highs the water, mama?)
(no more no less)
(three feet high and rising)
(no more no less)
(thats the magic number)


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