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talkin bout hey love ark sz

(the radio is so clear in here.)


pos and ann roberts:
hey love
talkin bout hey love
wanna be your push and shove
pop, popcorn up above
move me like soul when i say
go to a club around the way
and see my hey dj
and make him play hey love
discover all the football teams
mack and eat jelly beans
run in the cold with no jeans
get yourself sick till were seen
catch the flu and make tea
how dan stuckie life will be
its all about you and me
cause youre my hey love
move me like soul when i say
go to a club around the way
and see my hey dj
and make him play hey love

tesha stills: look pos, we gotta talk.
pos: talk about what?
tesha: dont play stupid with me, you know what we gotta talk about.
pos: what?
tesha: about you becoming fully dedicated.
pos: so were about to go through these line-runs again, huh?
tesha: youre damn right. i wanna know whatever you do for me has anything to do with love.
pos: look, i come all the way from l.i. to the bronx to see you, isnt that showing you love?
tesha: you see thats just it pos, i dont wanna be just your bronx love, i wanna be your hey love.
pos: you wanna be my what?
tesha: i said i wanna be your hey love. i mean its just not the mood being one of the many girls on your
list, and you wouldnt be dissing me like this if i was your hey love.
pos: look, i do everything i can to treat you like a rose.
tesha: yeah but you even give better treatment to that girl named selina from uptown like a daisy. you even
gave her some of your special donuts for free.
pos: so this is what this is all about, huh? donuts.
tesha: no, pos, cant you hear the music, its all about hey love
pos: i dont understand why youre dissing me, its not like im paul, i dont have two kids in every state.
tesha: but you probably got two girls in every state. if youre not going to go about it the way i want you
to, then just leave, cause i cant be so bothered.
pos: yeah. (mumbled) and wit your wrinkled pussy...
(i cant be your lover)

(wheres that voice coming from? from... from nowhere?)


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