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supa emcees ark sz

chorus: (slick rick sample from mc ricky d and doug e. freshs "la-di-da-di")

hey, whatever happened to the -emcees-
times done changed for the -emcees-
every woman and man wanna -emcee-
but for what, i tell you -emcee-ing aint for you!

hey, whatever happened to the -emcees-
times done changed for the -emcees-
every woman and man wanna -emcee-
but for what, i tell you -emcee-ing aint for you!

verse one: dove

man im on the set like the flicks so let your parents flash
a splash bigger than whales, im makin monsters mash
spit pinnochios theory when shit be looking weary
i need rest, but i boogie for now, im on some mess
like the best mics respond to me
living days, like dreams of specializing in the art that pays
i be a mystic for life, so check my id number
emcees be kneading/needing dough while i make bread like wonder
yes, thats what you heard, so save that acting for the screen
see you can can that manager with the beans
i bust emcees like lies surprise em out the box
put away the soda pops id rather rub on the rocks
a dime-getter tried to get what i got, for what?
i guess southern folks cash makes the lovin come fast
but im past alla that, its time to break with the breeze
get to your knees, here comes the supa emcees


verse two: pos

within this program of rap, ill eradicate the glitches
yo im dark like wesley, but i be sparkin more bitches
and to them my constellation put your lives in jep
while you others represent, i present my rep
cause when it comes to making dents, im that main in print
even smoked from blunts which give eyes the reddish tint
could not prevent, you from seeing im the light
but bring attention to my words like some ads in tights
i heard you want to fight me, with your words on stage
so mase pulls that instrumental from the jam you made
and as he starts cutting what you sold, ill talk all over your tones
as if my name was pete rock or sean "puffy" combs
send your tattered ass home, with celly phones i roam
with my fleet, here to make this rap game complete
while you live fables, unstable, acting very radical
projecting like youre hard, when in fact youre quite vaginal



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