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stone age ark sz

- bizmarkie starts out the song beatboxing while
de la soul chants the words "ill beatbox" -

[dove] ah mic test one two
[bizm] aww man, i check it better
[dela] ah whatcha mean bizmarkie? whatcha mean bizmark?
[bizm] i hit the rhyme with the mayonnaise, thats what i mean
[dela] ah whatcha mean bizmarkie? whatcha mean bizmark?
[bizm] man i got beats up my sleeve like you wouldnt believe!
[dela] whatcha mean bizmarkie? whatcha mean bizmark?

ah with my "ah one two" i substitute about a loop
so let me serve with the slope, with the plug of two scoops!

mr. miyag never did dip for dove
bootleggers my legs and, grit about a hug
and who gets the motts, i knots by the chance
i rain-dance.. i rain-dance
but steppin just a bit i dont need another shadow
makes makes, is gonna be the new mans motto
dont increase the bull, because my pulley is broken
and my belly is full
its a second i reckon on the bone and the ball
makin london bridges fall, so check it
i bring a point to the joints that we change and chop
but we could bring it back to the beatbox!

- bizmarkie beatboxes with style and soul -

im posdonus plug wonder.. plotter
serenade her cause i gotta.. record
when in the womb i was naked.. now i
chill with latex cause of how i, enter
the black wood without a splinter, provin
i had the chills what helps in movin, asses
saw the light cause i got glasses, so we
sip the cappucino slowly

isah makes the big money!
i drive big

cars, serve the bubble like a bar.. tender
when in flight like a sender, lace
sticks of dynamite on bass, head

lace the shoe until he dead

[shorty no mas]
run! cause the cop is gonna come
this my plug style

so they can kiss my, grits
hold my balls without a mitt.. grab
the mouthpiece to talk the dag.. nabit
i keeps goin like that rabbit, rico-
-chet a dame i need a snicker, satis-
-fy the norman to the gladys, knight
my glasses help me see the light, so we
sip the capuccino slow

in life, its what you see is usually whatcha

get, wont take a drag-without-a-net, no

to put the rhythm in the, bone

marrow, laid the pipe to please cari-lou

i dont know!

if its true..
.. thats a fumble!
well catch a fever from the jungle
chocolate, nubian girls flock to it, sweets
and if i cant sample beats, get the
beatbox equipped with the, dirt
bizmark and doug e. works, fine
mase work the wheel i tangle lines, hark
the light is thirsty in the dark
so we..

- bizmarkie beatboxing while de la soul chants the words "ill beatbox" -

its like i saw it in the river but my m wasnt fixed
super heavy like a chevy pump a maseo mix
i had some screams in my pockets, and played it kinda hush
and did the outs (got to check out, the avenue)
i peeped the?? zoah?? on the gimme gimme, plus we hit the plat
then the amps was on samps, the villains got fat
the natives werent the neighbor then to, nigga please
its a hustle for a joint when your settlement gs
but we still be on the wax because it acts like that
we still be on the moves because it moves like that
so there aint no reason to dont stop
cause we can bring it back to the beatbox!

- bizmark finishes it off -

"yo who, i dont know who was on the mic man
this thing smell awful here man.."


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