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shwingalokate ark sz

(on and on at two steps ahead)
(on and on at two steps ahead)
(three steps ahead)
(three steps ahead)

(whats the subject?)
the shwingalo, hot damn
(is posdnuos gonna start?)
i am, i am
(and by the order of shwing on hand)
i present to you the preacher man
peace everyone, everyone i hope
plate is not a caper, plate is not a hoax
is it is the now step, labeled shwingalo
shopper brag a basket, fill it to the bro
whats the shwingalokate? question me instead.
mental is the mood, whether live or dead
level is the groove when i lead the led
but hip is my lip when im shwinging it

(on and on at two steps ahead)
(on and on at two steps ahead)

(whats the next step?)
its the fool of the clan
(is he down with the shwing?)
i am, i am
(and by the order of swing on hand)
i present to you, the whole shalam
last was the gas, flower by the pound
shoo, puppy tough, shoo, flower power hound
season of the shwing is sound and its bound
90 got the gift so lift from the ground
speak me an age, age at the dough
feed me the donut, feed me the o
school me with the new cause the new
kept me fed with the brew
im glued to the stew and im shwinging it

breathe me the out, breathe me the in
send it with a skit neither friend nor begin
label it a shwing, brother come for the win
catch me the border, must start to begin
90 got the knack of the soul, grab a bit
90 proved them wrong to those who commit
dis to the hit list, pitched by the hit
caught by the herds of those in the pit
pull me a puff of the blunt as it breeds
this benefits just what you need
just because im fallin, saved by the weed
with dred, cause you know indeed im shwinging it

(on and on at two steps ahead)
(on and on at two steps ahead)

constructed like an apple but roll like a grape
try with the games cause the foolsll take shape
stuff to the too tough, grave is in the groove
sop it like sound, yo honey make a move
shufflin your feet, thats stiffer than a nap
open up an eardrum, dont wait for the cap
sip a third of lager, extract the waste
tell me tell me tell me, can you get a case?
never oops honey, dope not a threat
peace be found on your color telly set
pick up the proof for the stool pigeon sing
shwing a load o dat, cause i must put shwing

(on and on at two steps ahead)
(on and on at two steps ahead)
(three steps ahead)
(three steps ahead)


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