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rap de rap show ark sz

(here we go.)

the doo doo man:
how yall feelin out there! youre listening to the rap de rap show
and im the doo doo man playing all the slammin rap tunes for all
you mack daddies and mackettes, so hold tight for a one hour rap sweep
on wrms. whos the doo doo man?
(youre the doo doo man!)
whos the doo doo man?
(youre the doo doo man!)

yeah, ha ha ha. youre listening to mc rocco ribs and the bbq crew,
and when were not burning that pork, were in new york listening to
the rap de rap show on wrms!

kim carter:
y-y-y-y-yo, this is kim kc and im chillin with the suckwheat posse,
and when im not home making a hamhock sandwich, im listening to
rap de rap show on wrms. you ravioli heads, we outta here. ooh ooh
ooh, the doo doo man!

yo, yo, whats up, s up, this is q-q-tip-tip from a tribe tribe
called quest quest quest, im listening to the doo doo man on
wrms-s-s-s and im out!

yo, my name is mc no shame, and when i aint getting busted in bed
with your mama, or sellin crack to the kids at amityville high
school, hey im listening to my man, the doo doo man, on wrms, peace!

de la soul:
this this this this is de la soul, pos love
this is dove love
mase love
and when were not here were where?
wrms yall, with who? the doo doo man!

divine styler:
yo, peace, this is the d-i-v-ine styler-ine, and all come inside
divine, im listenig to my man, the doo doo man, on wrms. i am outta
here, ha ha ha!

bobby simmons:
yo whats up my name is colonel bobby, im listening to the doo doo
man on wrms... yo, and im outta here, peace.

jungle brothers:
ha, yo, ha ha, the jbs! jbs in the house! jungle brothers, word up,
on wrms, rap de rap, my man! like roaches lickin soup. doo doo
man! checkin out the doo doo man.
(you got the cooties)

yo, this is prince paul, when im not brushing my teeth with didi 7 or
boosting my memory or purchasing real estate tapes, im listening
to my stromie, my homie, the doo doo man on wrms! rrr-rrah!

popmaster hight:
hey hey hey paul, i got a job for ya. you know that guy rufus? that
mouli? freakin lick him.


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