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vonda shepard, vonda shepard arklar, vonda shepard ark szleri
1. tears away497
2.a lucky life424
3.a new marilyn488
4.alone again naturally1438
5.ask the lonely696
6.baby dont you break my heart slow575
7.baby, dont you break my heart slow630
8.by :73
9.can we still be friends452
11.chances are467
12.clean rain449
15.could i have this dance438
16.cross to bear485
18.dont cry ilene610
19.dont think twice, its all right469
21.every breath you take428
22.every now & then388
23.for once in my life542
24.good to yourself439
25.grain of sand439
26.have yourself a merry little christmas415
27.he aint with me499
28.hold out448
29.hooked on a feeling515
30.hotel room view508
31.how can you mend a broken heart464
32.i know him by heart478
33.i only want to be with you493
34.i saw mommy kissing santa claus662
35.i shy away456
36.its in his kiss the shoop shoop song537
37.ive been here before554
38.jam karet time is elastic443
39.let it snow498
40.like a hemisphere419
41.long term boyfriend517
42.looking for something498
43.love is alive526
44.love will come and go488
47.mischief & control465
50.newspaper wife467
51.out on the town481
52.please come home for christmas476
53.read your mind424
54.reason to believe398
56.run, run, rudolph397
57.sail on by423
58.santa baby447
59.santa claus got stuck in my chimney456
60.say the words411
61.searchin my soul751
62.serious richard406
63.silver bells420
64.someday well be together640
65.someone you use538
66.soothe me428
68.sweet inspiration454
69.tell him798
70.the end of the world450
71.the man with the bag475
72.the radical light402
73.the wildest times of the world420
74.this christmas443
75.this is crazy now417
76.this old heart of mine484
77.this old heart of mine is weak for you415
78.this steady train406
79.to sir, with love duet with al green386
80.venus is breaking392
81.vincent starry starry night378
82.wake up the house390
83.walk away renee416
84.what are you doing new years eve460
85.what becomes of the brokenhearted400
86.when the heartache is over405
87.white christmas700
88.will you marry me479
89.winter wonderland425
90.world without love423
91.you and me433
92.you belong to me555
93.youre the first, the last, my everything545
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