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millie pulled a pistol on santa ark sz
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millie pulled a pistol on santa ark sz

"if you will suck my soul
i will lick your funky emotions"

this is the stylin for a little that sounds silly
but nothin silly about triflin times of millie
millie, a brooklyn queen-originally from philly
complete with that accent that made her sound hilly-billy
around this time, the slammin joint was milk is chilin
but even cooler was my social worker dillon
yeah, i had a social worker cuz i had some troubles
anyone whod riff on me, id pop their dome like bubbles
hed bring me to his crib to watch my favorite races
thats how his daughter millie become one of my favorite faces
she had the curves that made you wanna take chances
i mean on her, man, id love to make advances
i guess her father must a got the same feelin
i mean, actually findin his own daughter millie appealing
at the time no one knew but it was a shame
that millie became a victim of the touchy-touchy game

yo millie, whats the problem, lately youve been buggin
on your dukie earrings, someone must be tuggin
you were a dancer who could always be found clubbin
now youre world renowned with the frown youre luggin
come to think your face look stink when dills around you
hes your father-what done happen-did he ground you?
you shouldnt flip on him cuz dill is really cool
matter of fact, the coolest elder in the school
he hooked up a trip to bring us all the lacey
he volunteered to play old santa claus at macys
child, ya got the best of pops anyone could have
dillons cool, super hip, you should be glad
yeah, it seemed that santas ways were parallel with dillon
but when millie and him got him, he was more of a villain
while she slept in he crept inside her bedroom
and he would toss and then would force her to give him head room
millie tried real hard to let this hell not happen
but when shed fuss, he would just commence to slappin
(yo dillon man, millies been out of school for a week, man, whats the
i guess he was givin millies bruises time to heal
of course he told us she was sick and we believed him
and at the department store as santa we would see em
and as he smiled, his own child was at home plottin
how off the face of this earth she was gonna knock him
when i got home, i found she had tried to call me
my machine had kicked to her hey how ya doin (sorry)
i tried to call the honey but her line was busy
i guess ill head to macys and bug out on dillon
i received a call from misses sick herself
i asked her how was she recoverin her health
she said that what she had to ask would make it seem minute
she wanted to talk serious, i said, "go ahead-shoot"
she claimed i hit the combo dead upon the missal
wanted to know if i could get a loaded pistol
that aint a problem but why would millie need one
she said she wanted her pops dillon to heed one
ran some style about him pushin on her privates
look honey, i dont care if you kick five fits
theres no way that you can prove to me that dills flip
he might breathe a blunt but ya jeans he wouldnt rip
youre just mad hes your overseer at school
no need to play him out like hes someone cruel
she kicked that she would go get it from somewhere else
yeah, whatever you say, go for ya self

macys department store, the scene for santas kisses
and all the little brats demandin all of their wishes
time passes by as i wait for my younger brother
he as his wish, i waste no time to return him back to mother
as im jettin, millie floats in like a zombie
i ask her whats her problem, all she says is "where is he?"
i give a point, she pulls a pistol, people screamin
she shouts to dill hes off to hell cuz hes a demon
none of the kids could understand what was the cause
all they could see was a girl holdin a pistol on claus
dillon pleaded mercy, said he didnt mean to
do all the things that her mind could do nothing but cling to
millie bucked him and with the quickness it was over


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