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let, let me in ark sz

(ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh ah, ooh ah)
(ooh weee, sho lookin fine)
(ooh weee, sho lookin fine)
(let, let me in)

i got good news, i got eye witness
good news, i got eye witness
due in a hip lift, dead into my phenomenon
dazed with the quickness
sweat, one sweat, two sweat, three
motions, what motions? what could it be?
she, she (watchin you) who, me?
hon, velveeta got your cut
(aint no lockin up now)
give the symmetrics to your bottom
(aint no lockin up)
shake less of that catholic cool
push panic, the button, and freeze
as for amen, js for the jenifa
oh jennys, oh please oh please
(oh please oh please)

let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in

force it like a motion, let me in to that
flower power child, let me in to that
let me sew your panic button, let me in to that
i got the semen headlocked, you wont get fat
just lay, lay back, way, way, way
the oops up, its a clear saturday
were selling my all-expense july paid
by the way, whats your name?
just kidding, i know its renee
no, it isnt? word, word, well check it out
check, check it out
i got my my mind made up, come on, get it
take a test, child
and get with this pos position
from beginning to the huckleberry fin
if i was to yodel, would you let me in?

let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in

pos got the skyrocket in his jeans
would you let me in if i was to sing
like a hookey-non-stop-reggae-roost-rasta-king
jimmy done starburst, know what i mean
jimmy done burst, gotta come clean
yo, maseo, blow this scene

dip, dip, di, youre making me cry
with that onion between your thighs
come give me some of that brown sugar
so the sweets can make me active
if i said you were attractive
may i supplement with an additive?
hey, hooker let me hook you with my reel
take you to the crib, cook up a real meal
skip the meal and walk this way
(hey, hey, hey)
come on into my room, here we go
here we here we here we go
(boom!) did you feel the bed break?
(boom!) did you feel the floor shake?
(boom!) did you feel the earth quake?
(boom!) now, quick, do you wanna take a break?

let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in
let, let me in, let, let me in

(whats this?)
(in your pocket, that bulge?)
(hey, hey, hey!)
(harry, let me see it)
(jumping jehosaphat!)
(quaggin, quakin and shakin)
(and thats no fakin)
(let me see the gun, harry, i want to see if its been fired)
(why are you complaining? ive always given you a piece of the action)

(so he huffed and he puffed and he huffed and he puffed)
(and at last he blew the house in)


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