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jenifa taught me derwins revenge ark sz
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jenifa taught me derwins revenge ark sz

access to her code
lovestruck was my mode
took a look, dropped my textbook
jenifa... (oh!)

breakfast, broke it fast
she was in my english class
asked for notes, rocked my boat
jenifa... (oh!)

lost her favourite penny
so i gave her a dollar
she kissed me
(and i hollered)

in a flash the school bell rang
jenny grabbed on to my hand
took me home and said, trugoy just
swing and swing and swing

the downstairs, where we met
i brought records, she cassettes
lost the breaks, found her shape
jenifa, oh jenny

transcripts showed more than flirt
i love daisies read her shirt
grabbed my jeans, jimmy screamed
jenifa, oh jenny

shaped like a vase
no one can live their life for pos
found a house, aroused my joust
jenifa, oh jenny

her clothes, i did shuck
just like dan i strictly stuck
to the punt, she cried kick it
posdnuos was in

only thought about jimmy
but asked was i a virgin
like some kid named derwin?

she said lets try it in the bathroom
but dnuos is way above sinks
so to the kitchen she did dan
and came back wrapped in saran

(now wait a minute! little derwin got something to
show us that jenny could never do. listen...)

(hey. look at little derwin. look at him go, look at him go!
awww, baby.)

positions, muscles flexed
dove was lost in a ghana hex
passed her test, felt her teddy
jenifa oh jenny

soothed the mood
dove was lost in de la heaven
screwed plug two, did the do
jenifa oh jenny

teased my homeboy granny
in fact she teased so many
she was known as a garden tool

no more
i dispatched
was it jimmy had met his match
or could it be the realisation
all girls owned a jenny

for normal health
i had fought
a valuable lesson she had taught
dont flaunt that the candy is good
unless you came with plenty


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