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itzsoweezee ark sz


great all-dedication
mos def affiliation
adequate representation
this is the phat presentation
de la dedication
common sense collaborations
peace to all of you haitians
check it out

chorus: repeat 2x

if money makes a man strange -- we gots to rearrange
so what makes the world go round
if love is against the law -- listen i dont know
gotta change how its goin down

verse one: dove

fell in love with this fish who got caught in my mesh
but yo she burned my scene up like david koresh
i guess a diamond aint nothing but a rock with a name
i guess love aint nuttin but emotion and game
its a lesson well learned so praise is well due
im sendin off from big i, to kenny calhoun
and add a reservation for the resident crew
and yo get your bowl cuz we cookin up stew
see them cubans dont care what yall niggaz do
colombians aint never ran with your crew
why you acting all spicy and sheisty
the only italians you knew was icees, niggaz price me
im keepin it clean, like a washing machine
and yo, get your locomotion run into full steam
im sending out a greeting to my man daseem
i got a child so i gotsta get the green, right right


itzsoweezee, its gettin hot this year
itzsoweezee, its gettin hot
(repeat 4x)

verse two: dove

i own the deeds to some acres in the west, indeed
where my pops is building residence to house my seed
now heres the lead, yall niggaz pray to hot rods and not god
while versace play you niggaz like yahtzee
crackin jokes like you patzi
(whens the last time you had happy days?)
blazin up your herb to escape the maze, but the problem stays
think big get it big is my motto
you can go and play your lotto, ill be singin like baby wont you be mine
youll be pressin rewind, you can never see mine
keep your eyes focused, you cant touch this or quote this
style is crazy bogus so you cant try to approach this
stomp you out like roaches, pullin on my coattail
like some horses pullin coaches, whoa your roller coasters
its hotter than the temperature thats cookin in your toasters
while the heatll put you deep into hypnosis

chorus 2x

itsoweezee, enolis in the area
itsoweezee, timbo kings in the area
itsoweezee, maseos in the area
itsoweezee, ninety-six in your area
itsoweezee, lawd lawd lawd!
itsoweezee, lawd lawd lawd lawd
itsoweezee, lawd lawd, for yall peace

itsoweezee (8x)


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