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intro da la soal is dead ark sz
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intro da la soal is dead ark sz

hello boys and girls. welcome to your de la soul readalong storybook!
when you hear this sound... -...that means turn the page.
and now we begin our exciting adventure of... de la soul is dead.


playground honeys:
- oh my god, vanilla ice...
- hes so fly!
- the boy is so good.
- did you see his body?
- he could dance too.
- he could.
- hes better than any rapper i ever seen!
- and plus his dancers!
- hes so jammin!


jeff: yo, whats up?
honeys: yo, jeff, where you been, man?
jeff: guess what i just found, i just found a de la soul tape in the garbage.
honeys: for real? lets hear it!
jeff: no!
honeys: aww, be like that!


mista lawnge: whats up, cocksnot? how ya doing, buddy?
honeys: cocksnot? you gonna let him call you that? sucker!
jeff: leave me alone!
lawnge: what do we have here?
jeff: nothing!
lawnge: listen, you little arsenio hall gum having punk!
honeys: oooh! you let him call you arsenio! oooh!
lawnge: i want the tape!
jeff: its mine!
honeys: oh, he played you! jeffs getting played! jeff! jeff! bodyslam him, jeff!


lawnge: now! ive got the new de la soul tape! hey dicksnot, buttcrust, get over here!
d.j. aub: whats up baby?
mase: coolin!
lawnge: i just got this de la soul tape, man, slamming. wheres the box? the box!
mase: so, yo, lets get with the shilsnihilsnobilsno!
aub: i got the bidox, lets do this like brutus!


...28. for those who have all four answers correct, you will recieve
a specially selected grand prize. thanks, and goodnight, for three feet
high and rising, this is don newkirk.


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