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in the woods ark sz

(say party over here, party over here)
(say party over there, party over there)
(say party over here, party over here)
(say party over there, party over there)
(say party over here, party over here)
(say party over there, party over there)
(say party over here, party over here)
(say party over there, party over there)

hey yo you feel that shit (yeah it feels good)
well its that thumpin shit (well im soakin too)
ill introduce the split (ill be the go)
ill be the get
fixin with the ins for the outs we set
hey shortie (yeah mister)
make no mistake
i challenge the bang for a bigger rhyme bouquet
(you be buggin)
well i bugs like roaches on rugs
speaker of the bone like the speaks in my loans
give me the night baby and ill be good in the woods
ya freakin my mind ya freakin my mind
i told the maceo bout the days that go (he know)
i know he know cuz hes out to get the gold
the chattanooga cruisin with the malibu shit
the bigger of the isa (cuz he is the shit)
im like hickory (dickory niggas)
i make you feel lost like high school history
creator of the rhymin dominoes
watchin drop its the joint see
so hit me with the zsa zsa (indeed darling)
the coolest fool be the coolest fool
i know the watch be in the air but i kick a new bucket
sippin it wit shortie so check the way we cuff it
its that indonesia funk up in your trunk
makin ya bob bob makin ya bob
makin ya bob bob makin ya bob
makin ya bob bob makin ya bob

its that funky shit (in the woods)
that be beyond understandin (in the woods)
yo we do it with the soul (in the woods)
timber (in the woods)


punch that o for operator baby its a love solid
i been stylin abstract since loose leafs was the shit
catch me breathin on planes where the gangstas outdated
fuck being hard posdnous is complicated
as my pants play the sagatogah i can order sniffs of
frequencies frequencies cuz i freak mcs with the rhythm rock live
(man id rather point a pistol at ya head and try to burst it)
no jive in the matter so niggas start runnin
yo that native shit is dead so the stickabush is comin
(stickabush) its comin (stickabush) its here
fuck the five count it only takes three to bring it near
so let me move ya won better as the salad is tossed
and get a taste of the mase that you thought was lost

im cautious wit my looks (in the woods)
pickin them nines in my hair (in the woods)
sniffin for the beats like litter (in the woods)
the plugs just cant be found (in the woods)

shortie no mas:
can i come off like the rest of em i think i should
could i of course one verse now ya lost it
found it realizing i came off it sounds mean
but pal theres a new kid on the scene
i got much soul on the down low tip
lay back smooth one drink ill be trippin
never dont you dare consider me a fly gal
pal i got props on a different tip
i recall back i go for mines i get the goods
wouldnt you know forgot my compass i got lost in the woods
found my way and i was out i pronounce every letter
and if i had the chance id do it better
i heard a holler down the way and now im out for the time being
ya wanna be in but you cant see what im seein
time and time my friend i stay gettin it on
and now they playin my song again

i got feminine style (in the woods)
im not tryin to be sexy (in the woods)
and no you cant knock the boots (in the woods)
a lot of things be happenin (in the woods)


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