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eye patch ark sz

(thank you, thank you, and for my latest basket of cherries, here it
goes, baby!)
mess up my mind, mess up my mind, mess up my mind wit the eye patch
mess up my mind, mess up my mind, mess up my mind wit the eye patch
mess up my mind, mess up my mind, mess up my mind wit the eye patch
(everything i dos gonna be fine)

channeling in sync so my would bring (what!)
wit dat, causin all fat im responsible for ya diet
(keep it quiet!)
yo i got beats. state this stitch on my national fabric
my daughter will speak the arabic thats how i lift
levitate to my nation when holding up your nickels
i pie like crumble so i don like rickles
like green on the pickle
my papes are the up master of the cabbage patch

ya eyes got the latch

so catch the cut, i hold the rut
for the peoples reminder when in maseo path
i be the finder of the patch

can the cats tongue slip, ya do the da dip
take the horse into the jolly ranch
keep the hush
the good, the bad, and uncle tom, beat it kid
do doo doo do do do do do
show the sheep cause i found the food
when i string the man wit the eye patch
the eye patch
when im walkin it and could ya make it go sha na na na

it sniffs good
punks show disguises when im standing in the wood
i be the in cause the brother holdin glocks is out
i be the in cause the pusher runnin blocks is out
i be the in cause the kid smokin weed,
shootin seed which leads to a girls stomach
being bout a half a ton is out
show the finger print
and give me good grief for my lumber
pants will sag cause im licensed as a plumber
feel the plug
(yo, somethings wrong here)
now give a shout

dove: yo whats up, id like to give a holler to big 7 off in the
pos: and i bring an income in to my baby girl twyla in white plains and
all my peoples out in delaware.
mase: yeah yeah yeah, and i like to give a shout out to all those
rappers who dissed us on records, and i wanna
let you know youre still wack.
and oh yeah, i aint mentioned no names cause you might f...

(all right. im sorry, i didnt know you were going back to that)
(ecoutez. ecoutez.)


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