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ya go beats, meats, son sheep
i cant cook, but being a cook im servin much to eat
i got multiple stabs of jazzy
sassafrassy as i caught the fame of soul
years after mama had me tell ya gladly
i plugged for the tunin
which cause eyes to zoom in

which put your person into focus

no longer kelvin mercer but the posdnuos
plug one yo i found fun
in the scribblin of speak
on a naked white sheet
most recognized by my dark brown self

yo you found some wealth?

more in my mind than in my pocket
but is got every girbaud that ever sagged
i met some hoes, met some girls
did a tour that took me all around the world

did a tour that took me all around the world

i hit the shines but im shooin it now
remember when the floor might have had a spine
well its all bent over
the dayglo nigga gets the red door mat
its a roller coaster
when your shits burnt toast
now mr. club owner knows your jam
when your jam is tha jam
and theres a tab at the bar
my mindstates great
no thanks i dont drink
i sip the bobo
then i kettle it quick
i felt the heave in the jeave
tap it in the basement
diggin my own understanding quick
let me get the single out
think mr. radio say the starlight
is the same star bright
im thinkin how a nine and a blunt is a switch
but turn out the lights and some will go bitch
it was one mc after one mc
play the lamp post do the blow wit dynomite
well its okay and its alright
cause our birthday cakes external light
itll all get graphic
people made of plastic
look at the shine wit my 50 watt eye
but when i got the eye patch i hit the latch
i fame it to a name from denver up to maine
and lovin deluxe
she wont catch me in no tux
nah, man i wont honor the style

(curious, curious, curious, curious)
dres: how you doing, my name is dres, listen...
shorty: isnt that posdnuos? oh, my...
dres: baby, whats wrong with me?

funny funny how time flies
when you have some light on the face
cause the focus is the fickle
stead of fusin im a use it
to the utilize the trickle caught the rush
but i play hush
while andres titus is the grabbin
as a fan will put the hearts to mush
lush dalea would hear the public beat
the same way for titus when he blacked the sheep
but as the knee went deep
to deeper off the charts
the album faded to black
thats when the amnesia starts

(curious, curious, curious, curious)
shorty: arent you dres from black sheep? what are you doing here? who
are you here with?
dres: im with my man pos, you know pos...
shorty: oh yeah, positive k, i.. i like him...

(stickabush, stickabush, stickabush, stickabush)

hey boy, i watch that star man, shits all in
should i shot it or begin
i saw bootleggas no shinin
i saw big 4 go get shinin
a typical flick was the moment
when the man said
"aint you?" yeah i is im
hush your mouth fallin in cog
caught the light being true dog
a fist of funk and i pocket that screen
in the scene or in between
gimme but a little bit of the starlight
i mail my ass to the darkness
i dig it, i dug it
i dig it, i dug it
i wiz it, i was it
i wiz it, i was it
oh lord let me switch it off
because ya find somell do it all
for the light
(stop jivin)


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