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dreams of the funky towel ark sz
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dreams of the funky towel ark sz

in rap goes apartment leave your chart bent off of hits
and catch mad love with a mix
scream on fire like grits, and make sure the shine spits
do away with all ignorance
look out for the roaches and the pits mr. burns beware

[mos def]
i be the mr. bern like the bernstein bears
keep it sloppy like joe, cuz joe dont care
but as long as i maintain savoirfaire
and the bums on the street chump change i spare
keep it slick like james brown hair, do
keep it raw like the z ave crew, true
the temperatures high up, or h-d
if the last things a booger you cant count on me
im a give a cockroaches, mos definitely

now the apartment is getting kinda hot up in here
i guess a de la soul jams been placed in your ear
added sugar to the thoughts of the inner-city circle
who might have to hurt you on a night thats late
when youre in the wrong town picking up your date
i guess your date wasnt set on having you for a mate

chorus: dove

sweet dreams are made of these
who am i, to disagree?
i travelled the world and the seven seas
and everybody, say its gotta be funky

we be the suns party people rotate around the fun
(its plug one) one never played no guns
i specialize in never putting wool over the eyes
this is the tower of stain that wouldnt be surprised
if you didnt apply it to the ordinary skin
im a mc in love with the way-back-when
match pens to pad, i be ayamos dad
doing laundry to clean up on realitys fad

now we in a sticky situation but we make it fon-kay
and bring it back to the days of watching pu-nky
brewster, used ta, be in l.i. flats
with the bricks, jibbin this and that, upon tracks

[mos def]
we came to thank kids, not the blankets, but the towel
shed love with the verb and the vowel
move grooves like a bowel, de la representer
see funky is the way we keep it settin in your dreams like that

chorus 2x

teah yeah, gonna keep it real for the apartments in your area
yeah, gonna move it like this everybody just funk in your area
pos ones in your area, maseos in your area
too much plug, two much plug
plug twos in your area
de las in the area
attic entertainment


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