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down syndrome ark sz

i be that mind blessin blessin these lessons weve ignited
want to bring it to my face man youre cordially invited
cause ive cited, you posess no science in your thinking
so im gonna (never) youre blinking!

fingers be pointin, and leakin falsifyin the stink
you think im pink i bl-l-link with them shades of thought and think
(and in this corner be the hush) so play on william rhodes
cause at the sound of the bell my circle square controls
and all mcs best sweat, we bringin buckets of heat

so dont fret kid i let you lick the love i secrete, yo
even my foes give me bravos, and that shows
total domination in this rhyme complication

yeah the skill is a cinch i rock the womb with a mic
and in the days of the nickel and breast, i knew de yes yes yallin
was the callin, clearly not for the gat
for combat, i bring a bag of my rhymes for the sat

im plug one-of-a-kind, for you peoples delight
and for you sucker mcs, step to your knees
aint no second thoughts and all your thoughts are from orion
i can tell that you a devil by them rhymes youre designin
your play doggin tactics cant fuck with my facets
just because you talk all that glock shit dont mean you can rock shit!
your identities on freeze
just a form of protozoa tryin to cross them seas

see high horse riders gettin shot by the sheriff
cause nobodys safe for crimes
and even all you skirts need to checkin in your upstairs attic
cause mase is smackin hoes if hoes is startin static

now it aint all good when your jam goes wood
so as a deterrant, i use mental current
got them brothers shook, peep the look comin out of the face
cause they all catch a bruise from the hits we make

your fame and cars should be listed as magnets
legends never die but they can get shot and killed
aint nuttin glitter when youre battlin mcs
you once imitated in a mirror so to down syndrome you kneel

the same status i heard, the same nothin
my ears fears the faulty locks tryin to lock down the stops
but i earn more than your menudo or your boyz ii men
while down syndrome keeps you immune to frequencies i send
fresher than a sniff off havin them j in fifth
i identify with your rhythm
but i exist for more than just a benz, so mends
im cuttin off my friends to keep a smile calicum iron grain

let me tell you a little something about soul (tell em son)
i be a piece of the east coast, so give a toast to
plug wonder why back in the day who soaked his words in jigga
so when i ran a phrase in june you didnt catch it til december
im a member of them kids from the inner city
giving you kitties audible treats, you be aching for making
more money than a pagan holiday
not from the pjs, yet i still got something to say

say what man? you gritty like a diamond grenade
for the cameo spot you tries to fool parade
you acrobats flip the star gazin map, for alla that
youll be the first to place, and ran it all to a waste
and all the style that you bring (gotta make decks bend)
you gotta rip it from the start (when the beats come in!!!)


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